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2014 Body Counts
L.A.: 119 Chicago: 156
NYC: 113 Baltimore: 89
St. Louis: 53 Philly: 101
NOLA: 59 Detroit: 92
Houston: ???Updated 6/13/2014

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 Last Updated: 7/28/14 12:15 pm 

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Cop Killer's Wife Rages
Neighbors set up shrine to killer
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New angels now!

New Next time, go to Gary
Killed mom, lived with corpse
2 cuffed in Atlanta slayings
Baby momma in da pen
Choked up in Delray Beach
Doc pops shooter in Philly
Warrant out in Daytona slaying
Warrants out in Tallahassee slaying
Old dude charge in road rage shooting
No bond in Lake City slaying
Steala gets extra time
East side club killa gets 1
Lady killa on da loose in da Lou
82 shot, 14 dead in Chicago
Man cuffed in triple shooting
Next time, go to Subway
No snitchaz in Toledo slaying
3 popped in Vallejo
Banga roundup in Milwaukee
Short flight for Racine robbaz
Career ends for Missouri killa
Fitness is risky in da hood
New Cop shot, burgla killed in Chicago
New Rough day in da Lou
New Good riddance
No longer on the downlow
Kids hit in Milwaukee
Strip club shoota cuffed in da Lou
Child shot while taking out trash
Playa cuffed for weed
Food stamp scammaz in WPB
Hood daycare center
Palm Beach playa gets rough
Next time, go to Ohio State
His housing voucher will be revoked
Next time, go to the YMCA

How dumb do you have to be?

3 charged in Memphis rob-kill
WPB killa gets life
Didn't take rejection well
Family snitches on convenience store robbaz
3 capped in da Lou
3 charged in Atlanta gang rape
Atlanta killaz fess up
Please hammer, don't hurt em
Person of interest becomes more interesting

Hard time for Croakland tot slay
Hood mortuary
No es bueno
Steala gets spicy at Macy's
2 convicted in Cali club beatdown
Grease stealaz busted in da Lou
Philly rappa gaining cred

Next time, get a babysitter
Teen capped in Jax
Stop the violence!
The most dangerous profession
4 teens popped in Toledo
Next time, take the bus
Pastor capped in Miami
Slow day in Chicago
Next time, wait for probate
New career for Career Academy students
Motorist popped in Indy
Pell grant canceled for Chicago teen
Next time, take the bus

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Some articles cited here are for parties who have been arrested, but not charged or convicted. All prospective thugs are innocent until convicted in a court of law. News from da hood Thug Report murder carjacking gang drugs crack meth police crime arrested gangsta rap rapper stop snitchin stop snitching drive-by shooting driveby shooting killaz Jesse Jackson thug Al Sharpton thug T-Pain Kanye West 50 Cent Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick gangsta rapper Councilman James Knowles for mayor Ferguson Jamilah Nasheed 2Pac thug life bling bling Slim Thug Slim Shady Barack Obama President black crime news Juneteenth black on black crime Cynthia McKinney Tiger Woods Robert A. Cox Hopper Construction St. Louis, MO