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2015 Body Counts
L.A.: 60 Chicago: 88
NYC: 82 Baltimore: 61
St. Louis: 12 Philly: 65
NOLA: 37 Detroit: 70
Houston: ???Updated 4/19/2015

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All thugs are innocent until convicted in a court of law.
 Last Updated: 5/26/15 1:35 pm 

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Happy Mother's Day!
4 arrested in Red Lobster melee
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Bloody weekend in Chicago
Bloody weekend in Baltimo
Career trouble for Rutgers playa

Lock these two up tight

Next time, go to Dollar General
Stabba gets smoked in Huntsville
Next time, go to Burger King
NYC man needs new girlfriend
Crimestoppers employee steals reward cash
Rough time at Chicago house party
Shoota hits 5 in Baltimo
Next time, go to Dollar General
Cinci man gets cleaver
Next time, go to Home Depot
Next time, get a divorce
Pimp is bad driver
Jax shoota hits 3
High school security guard likes em young
Jax bangaz get busy
Rough day in Chitown
She might have a drinking problem …
3 cuffed in Jupiter slaying
Next time, go to Denny's
Next time, go to Waffle House
Next time, go to IHOP
Next time, go to Target
Next time, go to Walgreens
Bleach time in NOLA

3rd time is a charm
Trial starts for tranny killa
Next time, order iced tea
From now on, ride a motorcycle
Next time, go to Ryder
Pain in the rear
Career ends for embassy staffer
Bama teacher likes em young
Next time, go to Dollar General
Texas principal gets lucky at prom
Michael Jackson slain in St. Louis
Happy birthday!
House party shooting in Cleveland
Next time, go to Chuck E Cheese
Senate staffer accused of dealing
Portland pimp penned
Scholarship trouble for Texas playa
One cut in Orlando
Rough day for Jimmy Buffet fan
Next time, go to Family Dollar
Dealaz locked up in Bama
Rapist caught in the D
Next time, steal a Porsche
Deputy DUI
Stalker cop
Spring break ruined for Tennessee student

2 charged in Jax slaying

Tough bond in teen mob attack

Next time, distribute okra
That ain't softball
Cop kicker cuffed
Hard time for thrill kill cousins
Teen beaten for kicks
Funeral slaying on MLK
Teen popped in Omaha
Future dim for Patterson athlete
Hard time in Lansing shooting
No type of pimp
Hard time for Yakima killa
Man critical in Pittsburgh beatdown
Man sought in NOLA slaying
Dangerous in Delaware
Woman dead in drug fueled catfight
Playa capped in Paterson
Next time, use Fedex
Lady shot on MLK
Rough day in Newark
Teacher is scammer in Piscataway
Big bond for NOLA cop shooter
St. Louis man takes it from behind
Don't tase me, bro!
Pittsburg child killaz plead guilty
5 shot, 3 sought in Indy
Next time, use FedEx
2 down in Palm Beach
Jesus killed in Fresno
Teen gets life in Providence slaying
8 year old shot in Indy
9 year old shot in Saginaw
And another in Saginaw
10 year old slain in Miami
Some articles cited here are for parties who have been arrested, but not charged or convicted. All prospective thugs are innocent until convicted in a court of law. News from da hood Thug Report murder carjacking gang drugs crack meth police crime arrested gangsta rap rapper stop snitchin stop snitching drive-by shooting driveby shooting killaz Jesse Jackson thug Al Sharpton thug T-Pain Kanye West 50 Cent Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick gangsta rapper Councilman James Knowles for mayor Ferguson Jamilah Nasheed 2Pac thug life bling bling Slim Thug Slim Shady Barack Obama President black crime news Juneteenth black on black crime Cynthia McKinney Tiger Woods Robert A. Cox Hopper Construction St. Louis, MO